Beaches and natural pools

Let your mind fly!

It is difficult to think of Tenerife without the image coming to mind of a spectacular beach with clean, calm waters where you can have a good swim and sink your feet in the sand while enjoying the sun, its privileged climate and its clear, cloudless skies.

All this is possible in the municipality of Arico, with a coastline of approximately 20 km in length, on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, which is home to a wide variety of beaches and natural pools to suit all tastes.

Did you know that…

The Canary Islands have the most hours of sunshine in Europe, 3000 per year.

La Jaca Beach

Located right in the centre of La Jaca, this small black sandy cove is sheltered from the wind. On its sand, you can see the local fishermen’s boats.

Its inlet is of great importance as it has been one of the natural resources that have helped to consolidate this neighbourhood, serving as a shelter from the wind for the small fishing boats. In addition, in other times, it has served as a natural enclosure for catching fish, taking advantage of the tides.

Charco Las Lisas

The name of the village is related to the well known “Charco de las Lisas” which is located on the coast and was used for fishing.

Almost always visited by the locals, it is an ideal place if you are looking for peace and quiet.

Las Ceras Beach

A pebble and gravel beach, with no services of any kind.

It is a protected area SCI (Sites of Community Importance)/SEC (Special Area of Conservation) / Natural Habitats of Community Interest / Site of Scientific Interest.

Charco de La Virgen

This beautiful naturally formed pool is located just a few metres from the beach and the “muellito” of the fishing village. Restored by the residents of La Jaca more than 20 years ago, this kind of natural jacuzzi or whirlpool is one of the jewels of the area.

Abades Beach

A beach of gravel and boulders anchored in a beautiful setting of cactus and Tosca, very popular with campers.

Due to its surroundings, made of tosca stone and cactus, it was one of the places chosen for the filming of part of the movie “Fury of the Titans”.

Aguadulce / Las Carretas Beach

This beach is accessed by a sandy path from the nearby road. It is not equipped with any facilities.

The name of the beach “Aguadulce” refers to the southern end of the beach and to a spring that is found there.

Callao Hondo Beach

Rocky and gravel beach, quiet and little used by bathers. No facilities.

Nearby there is an area equipped as a camping site for motorhomes.

Cardones Beach

The clean, crystal-clear water of this beach makes it ideal for bathing. It has a low level of occupation.

Cueva de la Arena Beach

A small, secluded beach with crystal-clear waters, which enjoys great tranquillity. Close to the Abona lighthouse.

El Bonito Beach / El Rincón

This beach can be reached on foot by taking a long walk, which is why it usually has a low number of visitors. It has no infrastructures.

The name of the beach “El Bonito” refers to the ravine that flows into the beach and to the spot where it is located.

El Río Beach / Callao del Rio

Large beach in an isolated spot that does not offer any type of service. It is not very popular with the public.

The area is quite degraded due to the abandonment of the old tomato fields and the dumping of rubble and rubbish.

El Sombrerito Beach

This small beach can be reached by taking a stroll, as it is not possible to reach it by car. It is not very crowded.

Grande Beach

This small beach can be reached by taking a stroll, as it is not possible to reach it by car. It is not very crowded.

Playa Las Maretas

Playa de oleaje moderado, de bolos y sin ningún equipamiento.

Los Abrigos Beach

Beach close to the Abades housing development, with golden sand and calm waters suitable for bathing.

Poris Beach

Beach in the village of Poris de Abona, which offers calm waters and usually has a large number of bathers.

Tajao Beach

A small beach in the small village of Tajao, sheltered by the small quay of the port. It has no facilities.

Source: Ministerio de Transición Ecológica